Our Products – An Overview

Powerlife Products – Quality without Compromise – Naturally!

Powerlife products are developed, tested and subjected to the most rigorous scientific scrutiny to ensure effectiveness, quality and safety. Manufactured in our own factory in Malaysia before being delivered to customers all over the world, discover below how they can help transform you from the inside out!


PRODETOX - For a Cleaner Mind and Body!

  1. Helps flush out toxins and heavy metals
  2. Helps protect the kidneys, liver and colon
  3. Helps cleanse the blood
  4. Helps protect cell membranes
  5. Helps fight inflammation
  6. Helps support overall detoxification

PROTECT - Get Your Immune System Fighting Fit!

  1. Helps defend against Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection
  2. Helps support the immune system to fight of viruses
  3. Helps to protect the gut
  4. Helps promote detoxification
  5. Helps combat inflammation
  6. Helps decrease oxidative stress
  7. Helps improve symptoms of acid reflux

PROLADY - Especially for the Young in YOU!

    1. Helps revitalize hair, skin, and nails
    2. Helps reduce the effects of menopause
    3. Helps regulate hormone balance
    4. Helps strengthen the birth canal after childbirth
    5. Helps to improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety
    6. Helps protect joints and bones

    PROFIT For Men - Bring Back That Loving Feeling!

    1. Helps boost testosterone levels
    2. Helps increase sexual libido
    3. Helps tackle erectile dysfunction
    4. Helps improve hormone balance
    5. Helps improve muscle strength
    6. Helps decrease body fat

    Procel - Rejuvenate, Regenerate, Rejoice!

    1. May help protect cells from ageing and stress-related damage
    2. May help increase blood flow to the brain
    3. May help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol & blood sugar levels
    4. May help boost exercise performance
    5. May help reduce joint pain and stiffness

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