Testimonials from Powerlife Customers

Disclaimer: All the following testimonies have been received from Powerlife customers and, other than correcting typographical and grammatical errors, have been reproduced exactly as submitted. (The originals are available at the request of any authorised authority). Please note that we have not been able to individually verify or substantiate any of these claims and make no such direct claims ourselves about our products. However, our website contains links to numerous scientific studies which support the efficacy of our ingredients and many of these findings mirror, to a greater or lesser extent the claims submitted by our customers and distributors.

“My son suffered from severe eczema from the age of 6 months and he’s now 11. Before using Powerlife products I had tried everything to no avail. On joining Powerlife I started to give him Protect and Procel daily and after only 4 weeks his eczema had completely cleared up.”

Ms. Fezile Makhubu

Malalane, Mpumalanga, South Africa

“I have always had this terrible abdominal pain and totally lost interest in sexual intercourse which caused conflicts in my relationship. I joined Powerlife late June 2020 and at first wanted to experiment using the products so I could sell them with pride.

I used Prodetox for 7 days and noticed that my loo times were at least doubling from the usual once a day; sometimes up to 5-8 times a day (unbelievable). I also started to take Prolady. As a result, my abdominal pains are gone, my sexual feelings have returned and I am sexually active now (which was a thing of the past) thanks to Powerlife products. I really can sell them with pride.”

Ms. Gugu Ncayiyana Mzimela

Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

“I used to be constipated and have always had stomach problems. I started using Prodetox for 2 weeks every day and soon felt lighter. I am no longer constipated, I feel fresher and have lost 4Kgs.

In addition, my wife used to suffer from period pains. Now it’s a thing of the past. She has been taking Prolady for the past 3 months and has not had a single period pain since. As a family we take Protect every day and my kids look healthy and strong. Thank you Powerlife products.”

Mr. Kelvin We Peñi

Lusaka, Zambia

“I had very bad skin with permanent pimples which darkened excessively in the winter. I started using Prodetox for 15 days then Prolady for another 15 days. My skin became flawless and everyone started asking what I was applying to my face.

In another area, I lost my womb in 2012 due to cancer. Since then, my husband complained about an unpleasant odour from my private parts and lost interest in me sexually which badly affected our 18 year marriage. There was fighting, cheating etc but after using Prolady and Prodetox our sex life has changed dramatically for the better. Hubby is happy and so am I!”

Mmapula Charity Moatswi

Serowe, Central, Botswana

“I work at the South African Department of Science and Technology (the Indigenous Knowledge System Unit) dealing with indigenous, medicinal plants. I have researched many plant based products and know how effective they are but I must admit I have never seen products as effective as Powerlife.

I have Migraine with Aura and use injections to control it. I also suffer from Mitral Valve Prolapse and Stage 4 Endometriosis and have been on chronic medications for both. I experienced excruciating pains every day. I literally took 1 box each of Prolady, Protect, Prodetox and Procel and I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS PAIN ANYMORE, I am utterly convinced I am on the road to complete healing thanks to Powerlife!”

Ms. Mantwa Nkosi

Pretoria, South Africa

“I suffered from acid reflux and gastric for more than 10 years and have been taking medication year in and out which even depleted my medical insurance at times. Only after many years was I told I have Helicobacter Pylori. I took a leap of faith and decided to give Powerlife a chance when I came across it just through social media and I was amazed at the results so soon after consuming Prodetox to cleanse my stomach and then Protect to tackle the problem. In just 2 weeks I felt like a brand new person, something which medicine has failed to give me for years. No more medication. Thank you Powerlife!!”

Ms. Viktoria Jakob

Windhoek, Khomas, Namibia

“I was not performing well in the bedroom and wife constantly complained about my poor performance. However, since taking Profit, everything is going so well I feel I could take on 3 more wives because it’s really pumping. Thank you Powerlife!”

Mr. Ishmael Chingombe

Sunninghill, Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Last year I was diagnosed with simple cysts on my left ovary and an enlarged right ovary. My periods were also painful and irregular. A friend introduced me to Procel, Protect and Prolady. I used the products for 3 months after which I went back for a scan. Powerlife products did wonders for me. My cysts have disappeared, the enlarged ovary went back to its normal size and my periods are no longer painful and have returned to normal. After these amazing results I enquired if I could join as a distributor and my application was approved. Powerlife Products are ‘a must have!’ I’m now selling Powerlife results myself.”

Ms. Lydia Nelago

Windhoek, Khomas, Namibia

“I had terrible skin problems and uneven skin tone for years that made me lose my self-confidence. But after I started using Prodetox and Procel daily, my skin improved drastically. The dark spots are fading day by day and I can now finally appreciate my skin’s natural glow. At last I can smile with confidence and my kids can’t stop praising my lovely skin…my husband keeps saying ‘My yellow bone.’ Thank you Powerlife for your great products and for saving my marriage…I’m never letting go of you.”

Ms. Reginah Mosotho

Emalahleni, Mpumalanga, South Africa

“I used Prodetox to detoxify my whole system and WOW, the results were out of this world! I used to have backache, muscular and period pains so I decided to put Prolady and Procel to the test. I’m now overflowing with energy and no more back pain, period pains or stomach cramps. My skin became glowing and flawless so I then tried Protect for my stomach ulcers and fungal infections. They worked and I’m so happy to confirm that Powerlife products do indeed harness the power of nature to help heal and restore health and well-being.”

Ms. Conny Tebeila

Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa

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